Monday, November 28, 2011

Baron Davis to Lakers?

If the agreement in principle to the end of 'lockout' achieves stamped in black on white on December 9 is the opening shot to open the NBA market.

Bearing in mind that the season will kick off on December 25 franchises count with just 16 days to try to close templates before I started the big dance. But in the NBA are eternal hurry traveling companions: 15 operations were signed in the first 24 hours last year and a total of 44 in the first week .

A few hours after the crisis unstuck "nuclear winter" Persian market is the transfer market in the NBA, free agents salpidado restricted free agents of the highest level, has entered full swing.

No signings or transfers may be closed yet, but the flood of rumors and deafens and that the water just started to run.

· Kirilenko, who until now played for CSKA, is torn between Jazz, Nets, Lakers or Clippers

· If Baron Davis leaves the Cavaliers could become the number one goal of the Lakers.

· In the event that Rashard Lewis was cut by the Lakers Wizards would bid for their services.

· Jamaal Crawford (Hawks) and Jose Juan Barea (Mavs) are the other two names of the free agent market that have underlined the Lakers.

· Nene Hilario (Denver), Tyson Chandler (Dallas), Samuel Dalembert (Sacramento), Marc Gasol (Memphis) and DeAndre Jordan (Los Angeles Clippers) sound in Oakland in the event that leave the Warriors Biedrins.

· The Warriors weigh the option of getting the transfer of Brandon Roy (Blazers).

· Heat, Knicks and Rockets are on the wish list of free agent Samuel Dalembert (Kings).

· The Heat reclaim study Caron Butler (Mavericks).

· The Pacers might enter the bidding for free agents David West, Nene Hilario and Carl Landry.


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