Friday, December 2, 2011

Guardiola: "If Piqué not know the rule, now you know"

Pep Guardiola news conference went through and analyzed all the news from Barcelona before the match this Saturday against Levante, the last before the Classic League, will be measured between BATE in the Champions League. "Every three days we party, I can not think in the Ray or BATE while in Madrid ... I have not thought about who will play at the Bernabeu, I do not give more," he said.

Barca coach stressed that "if Real Madrid has the advantage over Barcelona is on merit," but added that "the next game is the most important": "Then we'll think before Madrid."

"You can not always go first all season. When you're up you have to be with the necessary tension when you're below you must have the necessary ambition. You have to take it normally," said Pep on the situation of Barca in the classification.

"We do not believe in the unlikely event that the League remains sentenced at the Bernabeu. My experience as a player says that nothing is decided until the end. If you feel that is insurmountable, I would say, but sorry," he added.

Discomfort with Piqué
When asked about the controversy that saw Piqué yellow card to the Lightning, between lines Guardiola showed his displeasure with the way Barca forced the central cardboard. "If the standard did not know before, surely now you know. The Committee has given its verdict and would have been different if we would have accepted the same. The pictures speak for themselves. "

The technician showed that they had not thought about how to force the card. "We do not spend a training plan for a card. That's a waste of time. Dedicated training to prepare and make the opponent. Preparásemos If it would not have done so," said Pep.

"I have not been aware of any campaign. The committees act in what they believe. I have not read the statement. Every year we eject players and we never complained. We abide by what the Committee decides and if we believe it is very unfair to the services legal recourse, "said Pep.


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