Saturday, December 3, 2011

Deron Williams with the Nets will not renew season

The new collective agreement to be signed on 8 December, has already claimed its first victim: the New Jersey Nets. The team of Russian tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov, has seen his star has given up big contract extension with the Nets next season in search of a new contract that, thanks to the new collective agreement, may bring further benefits.

This was confirmed by the player's agent, Jeff Schwartz, a radio program in New Jersey. "Based on the new procurement rules, it makes no sense for him to sign the extension," Schwartz said in a few words picked up by ESPN. "It has nothing to do with how much you love New Jersey. With the new regulations, Deron is going to play the season and then going to resign from his contract."

As ESPN says, the news has not surprised the leaders of the Nets, already expecting this to the player. No wonder Williams has opted for this option as cancellation by the end of the season to sign a new contract for 30 million. Even with the Nets.

"I do not understand that people are angry with me to resign. This does not mean I'm going to go to the Nets, but the new agreement does not make sense during the season," said the player himself in social networks.

Under the new agreement, if finally approved, Williams can sign a contract extension for two more seasons, so those two years are attached to the two that remain. A contract that would involve him in total approximately $ 70 million in four seasons. However, if you expect to finish the season could get a five-year contract with the Nets 100 million four-year or 70 'kilos' on any other team.


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