Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NBA teams only play two preseason games

In the absence of the players and the owners vote on the proposed collective agreement to end the lockout, played analyze what each party wins in relation to the previous agreement, which is harmed in the guild of players and owners and how it affects each of the parties. No one better than Larry Coon, the great guru of the NBA collective bargaining agreement, to break it down and make comparisons as it has in a long article on ESPN:

Distribution of BRI. What is the RBI?
2005 : 43% for owners and players 57% 2011 : 50% -50% Winners : Owners. The players did not want 53% down and end the agreement pivots on a 50-50. That is, the players no longer win by 7%, each percentage point represents about 40 million dollars. That is, between 280 and 300 million embololsarán duels that to offset the losses reported in recent years: 370 000 000, 340 and 300. Escrow. What is 'escrow'? 2005. The teams retained 8% of salary players to ensure that the final deal were not paid more than agreed in the BRI. If, despite retaining total earnings were higher, wages were reduced percentage next season 2011 . The teams retain 10%. If it is not enough to balance the distribution of wages 50-50 following are not cut, and the difference is extracted from the overall profit bag once removed. Victors . Players say they retain as much as 10%.

Now that the season will play in the NBA, remains to be seen how to organize a schedule so compressed as it awaits the American League teams. From December 9, the date scheduled for the beginning of the season, until the League kick off at Christmas, the 30 NBA franchises have 16 days to prepare for a campaign with an asterisk.

Just over two weeks in which the teams have to train and play exhibition games in which they test the equipment status. Like the regular season, the preparation will be shorter than usual and the teams 'only' played two matches at this time.

According to a report from the official website of the NBA, each team will play two preseason games, when the calendar is usually set between seven and eight games per team (including international tours). The pre-season with 202 crashes usually account preparation between the teams in the league.

However, this campaign star, this number will be reduced to 60 games. The NBA itself has estimated the cancellation of preseason games in losses in excess of $ 200 million. Now, with two games per team, those losses will be recovered, but not all.

These two parties, in addition, will not travel long distances and international tours. Moreover, the NBA has set up a schedule where each team plays one home game and one outside, and this is against a close rival to minimize the effects of travel.


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