Friday, December 2, 2011

"The NBA schedule will be announced next week"

The Miami Heat owner, Micky Arison, said that from next week, almost all probability, you will know the match schedule for the entire NBA season. This has been expressed this afternoon on Twitter, responding to a question from a follower.

The owner of the Florida franchise, which last year reached the NBA finals, was punished with half a million dollars in fines when, in the 'lockout', replied in the same social network to a fan who heckled him.

"How it feels to ruin the best sport in the world? Know what, the fans are the ones who provide the money for the greedy pigs who are fighting for m ***". Arison, but then deleted the 'tweet', was emphatic: "Honestly, you're barking up the wrong owner."

Those words feel very bad within the employers, it showed clearly that Arison was in favor of concluding the negotiations, yielding to some of the claims of the players. A month later, the owner of the Heat cup social network again, this time to give hope and hope the fans. Let us hope that the league did not sanction this time.


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