Friday, December 2, 2011

Ronaldo joins the 2014 World Cup organizing committee

Former Brazil striker Ronaldo Nazario was appointed today a member of the board of the Local Organizing Committee of the World 2014, the body responsible for preparing the biggest event of soccer.

The council will also include the president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), Ricardo Teixeira, and a third person designated yet.

Ronaldo said in press conference that his work will be "closer" to FIFA, the CBF, the Brazilian Government and people to "join forces" in the organization of the tournament.

"My goal is to reach after the World Cup and see that everything worked perfectly, see that the event was flawless and the tourists leave happy," said Ronaldo.

The former striker said that the charge on the organizing committee will not create a conflict of interest with his job footballers image consultant, nor will it be possible to incur "influence peddling".

Among the customers of the company's sports márquetin 9nine, founded by Ronaldo, the Brazilian international are Neymar, Santos, and Luke Moura, of Sao Paulo.

Ronaldo said he resigned to collect a salary in the organizing committee and stressed his commitment "is the Brazilian people," who aspires to be involved in the organization of the tournament.

In the press conference also announced Ronaldo will be sold 300,000 tickets at affordable prices, so that the poor have access to the parties of the first phase of the World Cup.

Teixeira said that Ronaldo is "the perfect voice for reconciliation" in organizing the World Cup and likened its importance to other former players like Pele, Ambassador of the Government for the World Cup and Romario, congressman critical of the management CBF in organizing the event.

The president of the CBF said that Romario, as a Member, is playing "the democratic task of investigating and controlling" the accounts of the tournament.


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