Monday, November 28, 2011

CR7 goal penalty

Cristiano Ronaldo had never scored a goal against Atletico in the league. Last night I made ​​two. Both were from the penalty spot, a sort in which the Luso has proved infallible in the last two years. Specifically, from December 5, 2009 , when CR7 missed his last penalty in a league match against Almeria at the Bernabeu, in a match that ended Luso expelled.

Since then, for Ronaldo penalty and a goal is a goal. The Luso has marked their last 17 shots from the penalty spot, a sort running smoothly and in managing a wide repertoire of shots.

With yesterday's two goals against Atletico, Christian and gets 16 goals in the league and became the provisional top scorer ahead of Leo Messi, who has 15 goals. At this stage of the competition, Luso striker is ready to surpass its record of goals scored last season when he reached the mythical figure of 42 goals in the league championship.

So far this season, Cristiano added 20 points in official matches with Real Madrid -16 in League and Champions-four, some figures only available to their rivals, Leo Messi, who is 21: 15 in the league and 16 at Champions.

Two goals and a kick
In addition, Christian not only took two goals of the derby against Atletico, but also a handful of kicks in the ankles courtesy of Atletico players. Especially, Perea, the man was measured in many sets of the game.

It was a grueling entrance of Colombian leaving Ronaldo limping for the rest of the party. In a head to head in that CR7 was imposed by power and top speed, Perea entered him hard down at the bottom of support and the instep of Christian bent, which he rolled on the floor victim of inertia career. Ronaldo was almost lifeless on the grass, leaning his hand to his left ankle. Up soon, but eventually ended up supporting his boot, first gently, then with confidence.

A saw was Ronaldo played in the second half, but the Luso-which had relied on the commitment of Champions against Dinamo Zagreb - completed 90 minutes against Atletico. Later, in cold, Cristiano felt the pain of the blows and left the stadium without stopping in the mixed zone and limping noticeably. Today, when you lower the inflammation of the injured left ankle, it's time to make the required medical tests before a diagnosis if the ankle of Luso is intact or suffers injury.


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