Saturday, December 3, 2011

Winning without brain test for Real Madrid in Gijón

Real Madrid want to show in Gijon he can win without a brain or, which is, you can win without Xabi Alonso. With its huge potential, it seems simple, but statistics show that it is not, and Jose Mourinho is so aware of what is essential to the midfielder who has been given the title in the 13 league games this season. With 1,200 minutes played, only exceeded one of his companions, goalkeeper Iker Casillas . In the peak season and leads the Portuguese coach on the bench for Real Madrid, the team will have played seven matches in all competitions without Xabi Alonso , a disturbing balance of three wins, one draw and three defeats .

One of those setbacks came at the Bernabeu last League against Sporting, a rival that will have the opportunity to play twice against Real Madrid without Xabi Alonso. The statistical comparison with Xabi Alonso in the field is overwhelming . In 69 games with Mourinho era midfielder, Real Madrid emerged victorious in 54 games, gave up three draws and five defeats suffered only three of them against Barcelona Pep Guardiola (League, Champions League and Super Cup in Spain). All rival coaches are aware of the importance of Tolosa for the football team's target is fluid , and is therefore common to see players in charge of press at all times to Xabi Alonso.

Without him on the field, Real Madrid gets stuck. I went with Manuel Pellegrini (missing in the second leg of the Champions League against Lyon and the team was eliminated) and happened to Mourinho. Changing brain Sahin This season, however, in the hope that Real Madrid is not so. Before the play Sporting Nuri Sahin , signed for situations like this. Touch is a midfielder not without struggle can throw back the team as demonstrated in the German Bundesliga, where he was voted best player by his peers. The Turkish midfielder is still not 100% because they lost preseason and the first two months of competition for several consecutive injuries. However, it seems the most viable option to give a criterion to the game of Real Madrid. The other would be Esteban Granero , that this campaign is just counting 'Mou'. Are two options for providing gray matter to a Real Madrid 'brainless' without Xabi Alonso .


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