Sunday, November 27, 2011

Poland, Russia and Brazil continue their way steadily towards London 2012

Poland, Russia and Brazil, the top three finishers in the World Cup volleyball steadily continue their path towards the 2012 London Games at the end of the sixth day in which outperformed their respective opponents.

In the Hamamatsu Arena, Brazil began the third round with victory over Argentina (3-0), Russia bowed to Serbia, European champions (3-0), and Poland, who played Marisa Messe Fukuoka, beat China for 3-1.

Behind them lies a Cuban team , which took a significant leap in the rankings thanks to their win over Italy (3-1).

The battle of the top teams in South America did not disappoint. Argentina managed to keep the excitement until the final moments of each set, which came with the options intact.

In the first round players Javier Weber endured until the tie at 22. At that moment, Giba took his stripes as captain and, supported by blocks Saatkamp Lucas led his team to win 25-22.

In the second quarter, the illusions of the Argentinians were dashed after a 19-15, which coincided with a stellar Vissoto Leandro, scorer of the match with 17 points. The men rose Bernardinho it 2-0 by winning this set for 25-20.

In the last race, the Argentine game was marred by large fluctuations (9-5, 17-10) but they got over the hump and came to be at only two points behind their opponents (23-21). Income that, in the end, was insufficient for a closed lock AIDS shock (25-21).

In the subsequent press conference, Weber said his team had done a "good match" and that his players kept to the point eighteen "options to compete." "Then we beat in attack," Argentine coach admitted that today was without Facundo Conte, suffering from pains in his right knee.

Bernardinho, meanwhile, acknowledged that Brazil would "cost" into the game and warned that still have many "ups and downs", a handicap which, he must overcome in order to "be more consistent."

"We were a bit apathetic at the beginning and regardless of the result we must always seek ways to improve," he said.

In the last match of the day faced Japan , host of the tournament was finally able to give joy to their first win at the expense of Egypt (3-1).

In the seventh round stand shocks Cuba, Brazil and Poland, the United States .


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