Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ferrer and Nadal opens qualifies his words

The Navy already is full. David Ferrer has landed in Seville and has been released today on the second track of the stadium of La Cartuja. Ball has been the evening with Marc Lopez. Tired after the Masters Cup and the journey from London. But the illusion can handle it all. The first contact with clay in the Davis Cup final is more than satisfactory. Beside him was all the time Albert Costa, serving as captain.

In the center court were trained, while Rafa Nadal. The Spaniard is to hone your game at top speed. The occasion, no doubt, he deserves it. Each hit is scrutinized by Toni Nadal and Rafa himself. Need to polish, to recover the best feelings. It is for the time it takes and exchange impressions. Nadal training with Fernando Verdasco, who is also 'guarded' by their coach. The Spaniard also doing fine lately, but has already shown that thrives in these situations. You ask the Argentine.

He had wanted to know the first impressions of Nadal in Seville. The Spaniard began qualifying his statements after being knocked out of the Masters Cup. "A given things a lot of laps too many times, because they take what is strictly the sentence. And about the lack of passion, what I said is that after Shanghai so far, yes it is true that I have side of the season, which has been long and well, "stressed the number one Spanish and the second in the world. He adds, "rather than lack of passion, is the weariness of many years of being there, week after week. And it is normal that there are moments in your career mental, physical and all, a tad higher and others a tad lower ". Is clarified.

Argentina coach in the afternoon and miss your number 1. The problems in the right knee brought Juan Martin del Potro in the streets of armargura the captain, "Tito" Vazquez. Here nobody is going to take risks. Is reserved. Advantage of the situation to train the doubles. First clue: Edward Nalbandian plays Schwanck. In principle, this tennis player came as reserves. Invest in it to play on Saturday ...

As players hit forehand, operators of La Cartuja strive to put in order all the preparations for the final. Rumor works and planes ... Yes, San Pablo Airport is very close to the track and one of the avenues of approach runs right above the center court of La Cartuja.


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