Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Verdasco Feliciano and learn from "mistakes"

Feliciano Lopez and Fernando Verdasco do not reach the Davis Cup final in his prime. At least, that indicate their past performance as a couple. In fact, even Costa raises the possibility of including Rafa Nadal in doubles with Feliciano on Saturday.

Anyway, the locals take on the challenge and ensure they are prepared to give a score to Spain. "Of all the mistakes we learn. For this reason we have been thoroughly trained in Barcelona last week. We have thoroughly prepared the final. We know that our game against France was not the best, but they also played very well. We prepared for this and hope to double the point to Spain, "said Feliciano.

Verdasco, meanwhile, said that "we have taken twice as much more seriously in recent days and I think we're ready to win the point." Indeed, Fernando, one of the heroes of the end of Mar del Plata, with Feliciano recalled that edition: "That final was very painful because the Argentines were favorites, playing at home and were very excited. Sure you will really want to restore what we remove them there. Anyway, we're preparing as if we had not ever won. "


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