Thursday, October 27, 2011

Second victory for Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Euroleague

The Real Madrid and Barcelona garnered his second victory in the first phase of the Euroleague, by winning respectively the Emporio Armani (85-78) and Asseco Prokom (88-61), on a day which fell in Bilbao Basket the court of Nancy (87-73).

Barca does not spare the Asseco Prokom

The Regal FC Barcelona scored the second victory tonight in the regular season in a comfortable game against Asseco Prokom (88-61) and remains undefeated in a duel in which stressed Lorbek (20 points), Navarro (14) and Huertas (11) and in which there was time for the debut of the squad Perez, but with excitement until the second quarter when the Poles came to get ahead on the scoreboard.

The Catalans were in a trance party by over-relaxation and, I must say, for an unusual success from the line of three Polish champion.

Barca were better Holders However, with the heads on track and headed by Juan Carlos Navarro is not wrinkled at any time, Xavi Pascual demonstrated superiority on the track assigned to them from outside.

And is that when the Prokom took the lead in the mail, well into the second quarter (28-30 and 30-33 thanks to Triple Gee and Zamojski), Barça responded instantly with partial crushing 17-1 for be thirteen loosen up and no longer to have the victory in the bag and secure.

The BBB can not with the Nancy Batum

Rudy Fernandez with 17 points, Jaycee Carroll , 21, and Sergio Llull, 13, knocked on the Armani Milan and Real Madrid got their second win in two games in the Euroleague. The meeting, however, was not easy for Pablo Laso, who were unable to foreign men Scariolo team, especially Cook, Hairston (18 points) and Nicholas, 24. The whites had to sweat blood to claim his second victory and applied thoroughly to trace 13 points with Rudy and Llull by setting up the Magic Box. Ibaka made ​​his debut for the club, but only played three minutes and did not score.

Worse fate befell the Bizkaia Bilbao Basket , which failed to score his second win at being defeated Thursday in the court of Nancy Basket Sluc by 14 points (87-73) thanks to a dismal fourth quarter in which the Vizcaya came to fit together a partial shocking 15-0.

The difference, in any case, was excessive punishment for the Bilbao Basket, judging by how the first three quarters elapsed. But they failed to manage Katsikaris income to enjoy, which came to be up to six points, and lost his temper when he needed peace, Nancy played to a comfortable lead that he learned in the last section and with rudder sign Nicolas Batum (26 points and 36 assessment).


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