Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Goal by Xavi left to lead Barcelona

The Barca in the table did not prolong his trip last Saturday at the Camp Nou against Sevilla (0-0) and the vertical recovered hesitantly in Grenada and winning three football psychological points through the talents of Xavi, who certified a thick triumph against an opponent that killed nine and leave the meeting frightening, but not shoot the door in 90 minutes (0-1).

Guardiola gave Isaac alternative to Cuenca in the up front, together with Peter and Messi and against Villa, and kept Mascherano and Abidal as central. A rest Iniesta and Fabregas touched, appear. Still, had little to push them all to be done with the bag, although the resulting sensation is a lack of freshness and intention. As team suffered.

Barca was the only one dominating the game and chances, with Messi as the largest home pen. The Argentine was seen from the first minutes with three consecutive plays and could almost be the author's first goal with a left foot shot that kissed the top right of Robert, passed the first fifteen minutes.

Peter also tried, willing as ever but without the grace of other years. The canary warned twice in a header crossed over from a corner kick and a shot from distance and height that he found no door. Effort to limbo.

Xavi who is incontestable is game after game. Director and Chief Operating culé, found a way to open the scoring thirteen minutes before the break with a fabulous free-kick from the edge of the area in which Roberto, although could have done more. Warm donut to deal calmly costumes and decorating their 392 games in La Liga as Barca (Migueli beats).

Injury and expulsions

The second part did not change the script was even more expensive for Barca in the expulsion of James , who saw the second yellow too leg raising on the side of Maxwell .

Still, the joy was short-lived, because on the next play Peter had to be replaced by Villa to twist abruptly left ankle. The first scan ruled out a bone injury, but on Wednesday he will do more tests. Points to two weeks out with a tendon problem.

Normalized the 'tempo' game and Barca seemed determined to settle the match. Messi disappeared off the whole game, was able to achieve the second goal with a little Vaseline on Roberto, but Mainz became clear on the goal line. And Cuenca, minutes later, he had to throw the glory in his debut in another hand to hand, but the keeper managed to clear Galician legs.

Guardiola was concerned then and put into play by Fabregas Iniesta, almost on par with the non-existent offside reported by Muñiz Fernandez on Geijo as he prepared to deal with Valdes .

There was a higher speed by the Catalans and the meeting was lost in the torpor of touch without malice, but Villa had a couple of shots to expand rent.

Already in injury time, Dani Benitez saw his second yellow card after the referee signals an offside line, and the mysticism prevailed before a new setback Barca went down the drain. Final decaf. Grey Party.


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