Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'Maravilla' Martinez goes after Manny Pacquiao

As part of his first championship defense Diamante, Argentina's Sergio Gabriel Martinez said his immediate plans will be down to 150 pounds in order to challenge the Filipino Manny Pacquiao and the Puerto Rican Miguel Angel Cotto . "I feel cheated, because even though I promised to go all the Middle Belt (in possession of the Mexican Julio Cesar Chavez ) is that this lawsuit will not. So I plan to make a sacrifice in weight and look for fights so far not been given " , said in an interview with Fanaticos the boxer nicknamed 'Wonder'.

Sergio will defend this weekend Middle Diamond Belt World Boxing Council against England's Darren Barker in Atlantic City. "I know that first of all I have to end Darren Barker. It will be a very dangerous fight, then come up with the motivation of knowing that this is the fight of his life. But surely not even want to mention a loss not to invoke it. It will be a hard case, but I come complete with the preparation of my career and I will stand in the way of victory ... Darren Barker is not the typical Englishman who gives frank fight the contrary is very intelligent and that makes him a dangerous rival, but I'm prepared for that, " said the Argentinian 36 years old. Sergio Martinez said that in the 160-pound little you can do if the Junior "does not remove that fear" , so I look down to challenge Cotto in the first instance: "You'll have to remove the panic and if you say you will not get enough money with me here's a bet: if I win you can stay with my share of the bag" , challenged 'Maravilla' Martinez. The native of Quilmes, Argentina, said the fact that I heard that there could be an elimination bout between him and Mexico's Marco Antonio Rubio, to determine the challenger to Chavez Jr., is a lack of respect because "he (Chavez) should be the one who makes eliminator face and not vice versa. " Martínez wants to win his 48th career.


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