Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weekend Optimism key to save the season

The second day of meetings of the owners and players union in the NBA , he maintained the momentum of understanding in the negotiations for the agreement of a new collective agreement and after eight hours on Friday decided to restart them.

As was concluded early this morning when 15 hours of work and both sides expressed optimism at the progress made ​​in relation to specific points in the system of wages and contracts, negotiators were confident of the future.

The meeting ended when the union could not assess the issue of revenue sharing because its working group was not the economist who can supply a detailed analysis of the owners who were going to discuss.

It is expected that the union has managed counterparts negotiable points of the system and on Friday to accept the 50 percent that offer owners in the income distribution, seven points below what they got with the old.

Both sides discussed developments in sections such as the salary cap and said that this Friday may be a key day in the process of reaching an agreement.

The players' union director Billy Hunter said after the meeting if it believes may reach an agreement on Sunday or Monday next, still can play the full schedule of 82 regular season games, so that the players receive their full salary contracts .

Meanwhile, Commissioner Stern said: "We have not set a specific date to see if you can meet the full schedule of competition, since before the most important thing is to get an agreement . "

What both parties are already clear is that if this weekend or by Monday, have not reached agreement, the cancellation of more games will be inevitable.

Leaving the meeting, Hunter reiterated that the distances are shorter, but that everything would depend on who has the NBA receptive if you want to get it.

For its part, the union president Derek Fisher, tried to defend that they had made progress, otherwise they would not have been so long together.

The deputy commissioner Adam Silver, said that not only is the revenue sharing issue unresolved, but other relating to salary and hiring system .


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