Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oda of Madrid on the counterattack

That Real Madrid makes an art backlash is something that is already counted . But when it goes well and renders it on the turf of a stadium makes the fans in attendance (and the millions who see through the televison) put their hands to the head.

Just a month ago, the first goal against Ajax in the Champions League , scored by Cristiano Ronaldo, defined as what would be the game of Madrid throughout the season: leave the ball as opposed to exit quickly on the counterattack and ' kill "the opponent.

Against Villarreal , the Mourinho amazed with your first half hour. But the nice thing came with the 3-0 and, of course, again in a counter deadly.

Make room for this team is to let your luck. And while rivals know, the guys have made Mourinho quick cons own style difficult, very difficult to stop.

Last night, after the half hour mark, a rebound in the area itself was chased by Kaka , who after a few seconds to drive the ball, gave it to the left to Marcelo . The Brazilian got between the lines for Benzema and he, with a quick tap, opened for Di Maria came as a butter knife to defend yellow. A bankruptcy, and goal. All this in just 8 seconds . From area to area. People at the Bernabeu took out their handkerchiefs and a feeling permeated the atmosphere: this is a roller Madrid very difficult to stop.

It is the style that Mourinho likes , either on your computer it is. And now it's in Madrid. Since the Portuguese coach said himself: "In my second year players are more assimilated automatisms." Said and done.


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