Thursday, October 27, 2011

Barca is more concerned with the semi-final World Cup final

Although the Club World Cup is still relatively far in the medium term and Barcelona have to cope with their qualification for the next phase of the Champions League and then the game against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu, the technical already planning the next title that can drop this season.

The tournament, which takes place this year in Japan, has several 'handicaps' important that the workforce will face Barca in the best way possible. First, because Nippon arrive in the country after a game of strength and importance of Real Madrid, the rival par excellence of the Blaugrana, and second because the semi-finals will be practically around the corner, as they are scheduled for Thursday December 15 when the team arrives at the earliest on Sunday 11 after a flight of more than thirteen hours driving nearly 11,000 miles.

Thus, the Barcelona only have three days before the game adaptation of the semi-very short time according to experts generally advise a day's stay in the country of arrival by hour apart and we're talking at least seven hours of offset. In addition, the jet lag will still be wreaking havoc on more than one player, so the situation when aligning the best team can be a real headache for technicians, especially bearing in mind the consequences that can produce the game in Madrid.

For now only two known potential rivals: the neozalendés Auckland City and Monterrey Mexican.


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