Thursday, October 27, 2011

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is innocent, rules judge

The unbeaten champion Floyd Mayweather was found not guilty of assault charges he had in Las Vegas, for attacking two security guards. Both guards against American charged in October because the cameón threatened. The Judge Diana Sullivan , Las Vegas, ruled that it had found clear evidence of a real danger to the security personnel dialectical confrontation that both sides had maintained so dropped the charges. But not just the trouble about him because Mayweather Jr. agreed there is another trial for the November 4 assault another guard who put her hand on the face of the guard and pushed him. and November 21 must be presented at a hearing on charges of a domestic dispute with the mother of his children whom he attacked in October 2010. If convicted of assaulting his ex-wife, the fighter could take up to 34 years in prison.


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