Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Real Madrid imposes the strength of the group

Real Madrid has become the best champion of all time. Has outdone himself and the best record of Barcelona Guardiola. While Messi and Valdés have reaped the individual title of the League, the team led by Jose Mourinho has triumphed by the force of a group worthy of sign in the Guinness Book.

Of all the great standard white campus has been a Cristiano Ronaldo who has achieved spectacular numbers. Messi has not been able to hand in their particular hand, but his 46 goals a year confirmed him as a striker that has driven spectacular Real Madrid to the 121 goals in 38 games.

Messi did not score against Betis but kept its distance from the Portuguese. If Christian last season put the mark in a record layer, the crack now puts Barca in 50 goals. The figure may be repeated.

Practically most of the Brand Trophies were determined on the last day. Victor Valdes Zamora had secured the prize for a conference. Iker Casillas and Courtois ecudan him on the podium of the best goalkeepers of the course.

In Miguel Muñoz Trophy won for the second consecutive Jose Mourinho, whose achievements left behind Pep Guardiola's work or Juan Ignacio Martinez.

The national top scorer award with Soldier took him 17 goals, while the best collegiate was Carlos Delgado Ferreiro, Basque school referee, who beat Fernando Teixeira Vitienes.


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