Tuesday, May 15, 2012

From Madrid to Heaven Blue

Roger Federer became champion of the Mutua Madrid Open 2012 after defeating the final three sets to Tomas Berdych, a victory that allowed the Swiss match the record of 20 Masters 1000 Rafael Nadal of relieving at number 2 in the classification ATP. This is the title number 74 in his career and the fourth in a season and won in Rotterdam, Dubai and Indian Wells.

He was the player who best adapted to the circumstances. Neither good nor bad, there was. He went from room to encourage debate in press and devoted himself to play. Only way to explain the victory of Roger Federer on Tomas Berdych at the Madrid final by an aggregate score of 3-6, 7-5 and 7-5 after two hours and thirty-seven minutes in a clash played at the stadium Manolo Santana. Berdych knew his options in the final jump without passing through the track complex. The favorites it was his rival and he had to look at just how well he had done all week. That confidence was what led him to be the first to break the serve of his opponent in the second game of the stake, thanks to two direct-remains the last with a two-handed backhand cross-house brand. Thomas closed his fist in the open gap in the score (3-0), knowing how expensive it sells its service. However, the Czech is the second player gets the most points this season with his first serve just behind the gunboat Milos Raonic . Did not yield even one meter in track. He moved gingerly on the slippery mat and honed his peephole with a pounding right that prevented Federer's reaction. Federer saved two balls set (15-40) with their service, but could not prevent the button up the first set czech below.

Federer took off alarms when requested medical assistance in the exchange. It was a short talk and jumped to the mat to try a comeback. Graduate it soon, then took the first option to break in their favor in the party to sign the break at the start of the second act. Federer took confidence and improved his numbers; Berdych began to fail him before and give the Swiss got free points. Everyone pointed to the third set at 5-4 and 40-30 (set point) for Federer when the Swiss smashed his volley into the net. Berdych took the opportunity to get back into the game, turn to it and put the balance back on the scoreboard. Even Will Smith , one of the most famous faces in the VIP box, seemed surprised by the level of tennis was slowly increasing. And when everyone suspected that might happen in the tie-break, Swiss lace came to rest. The Czech double-faulted, his first in the party, but end up bringing the party to the third set.

Tennis is round. By way of example the opening game of the third set where Federer had to save a 15-40 that could have altered the development of the party. The Basel solved the momentol of trouble and led the party to the psychological side, as is known than his rival. Perhaps he remembered some of the defeats of the past, in the 2004 Olympics or Wimbledon 2010, defeats which he confessed at a press conference he did much damage. The balance was not broken until the end of the game rush. Two consecutive double faults gave Berdych a new break to Federer in the eighth game (5-3), which failed again when closing the game with their service. And everyone noticed the final tie-break when Roger enjoyed a 0-40 to close the match. He missed the first three. Not the fourth, with which he could savor the sweetness of glory. Arms in the air and look at the sky. Forged hard-earned victory, suffered from the silence and talent.


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