Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Calm in the Lakers despite the overwhelming 119-90: "Be patient"

Despite the heavy defeat by 119-90 in the first game of the semifinal anet western Oklahoma, the alarm is not triggered on the Lakers and has sent a message of relative calm with an idea: if you win the next game though either by one point, he will have equaled the tie and have the same value as the victory by 29 points in Oklahoma.

"I've been in this situation before. In this and the other side of the equation and experience tells me there have to be patient," said Kobe Bryant after the hefty defeat. "We have to study what happened and do the job better in the next game."

World Peace Metta said that in his opinion, the Lakers had "played well" and Andrew Bynum also wanted to put the situation into perspective: "We've lost so dramatically before. Now we have to analyze how we have killed and correct it."

In this line Pau Gasol made it clear that the defense should be improved: "In any of the ways we can fit almost 40 points in fourth and hope we can win the game. We have to make a greater effort in defense, trying to stop them and make our game. "


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