Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Maldonado wins a pulse formidable Alonso

Pastor Maldonado has not missed the first opportunity of his career to win a grand prize. The 27 year old Venezuelan GP2 champion in 2010 recognized BRAND carrying two years without a fight to win, but that was not going to shake the pulse fighting with Fernando Alonso. And he did. Achieved its first victory and first of its country in Formula 1 so also very worthwhile, enduring the onslaught of a double world champion Fernando achieved as, in turn, an excellent second place aupa you back to the leadership of World equated with Sebastian Vettel, who finished sixth.

The formidable duel remained both drivers have lasted the 66 lap race from the exit where the Spanish beat him, although he cornered Pastor to the edge of asphalt, to the last breath, never separated by more than seven seconds and most of the turns separated by two or less. With their victory and are five different winners, and five different cars in the first five races for the first time in history.

The first race stint was for Fernando, shoes both on the soft tires mandatory. 1, barely lasted two and fly to change the harsh Fernando held his first position, distancing himself even from his pursuer up to 3.1 seconds. But it was a mirage. The speed of Williams in the race, his strong this season, and knowledge of the circuit Shepherd, allowed him to cut the gap to just one second, when it came to stop riding his second game hard.

Fernando preferred to remain on track and lost crucial seconds hampered by Charles Pic (Marussia) that lingered despite being a folded, costing him out after Pastor Fernando to make his stop. Since then, Venezuela came up with clean air and came to stay ahead of Fernando in 7.5 seconds, at which point the Ferrari returned to grit your teeth to cut the gap to 4.2 rolling on lap 40. Behind the Lotus could not with the frenzied pace that had the two protagonists of the weekend. Only Hamilton, in a superb comeback that put him eighth, gave a similar show.

The decision was to take place at the last stop in which Shepherd was the last shock of the race after suffering a stoppage that cost him 2 seconds on lap 41. Fernando stopped three looking after their final game of hard to have more life to the end of the race, but the Pastor was also new.

Alonso had a superb end arreĆ³n, taking advantage of Raikkonen made an unexpected plug to Maracay and slit all benefit until it is reduced to second on Lap 49. It was a new race to 15 laps, Fernando was much faster in the first section of his last game, but the strength of his revamped Ferrari came to 0.8 seconds, could never put him in nose or threatening to happen. Shepherd drove impeccably, never got nervous and Ferdinand soon saw him, raised his foot in the last five laps because the result is still a treasure that leaves intact the options world title.


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