Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ferrari gives a slap on Massa

Ferrari Felipe Massa believes that he was "very unfortunate" in the Grand Prix of Spain, where he was in fifteenth position, and expected to improve their performance on the Monaco Grand Prix to be held next week. "In Montmelò Felipe was very unlucky, both in competition and in training, but all the first-he-expect a change from the Monaco Grand Prix," says the text.

In a statement posted on its website, the Maranello reviews the position of its pilots in the current Formula 1 world championship, in which Fernando Alonso shares first place with Sebastian Vettel, with 61 points while Massa situated in the seventeenth position with 2 points.

Those responsible for poor performance contrasted Ferrari of Massa with good performance Spaniard, who "has always maintained a high level, while the decline is felt Philip."

The Brazilian has stated on numerous blog entries in your desire to trace their positions during the season, but so far no luck has followed him and failed to give the best of himself.

The state of the World
From the Italian team also discussed the current state of Formula 1 World: "Just very little to change the balance of power on the track and this rule is even more true when the differences are a few tenths or hundredths."

"This year will win who carry the track get the best technical adjustments in the shortest possible time", say the makers of Ferrari, who admit that in the 2012 season "there are many teams that have been shown to fight for the top positions" .


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