Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Explosion in the box of Williams

When the Williams team in the box held all out victory of Pastor Maldonado at the Grand Prix of Spain an explosion interrupted the party and caused a major fire where several mechanics were injured but none seriously.

About forty people were inside the box of Williams among those who were Pastor Maldonado and Frank Williams. It appears that the explosion originated in the rear of the garage where there are fuel, lubricants and caused a great smoke.

The mechanical action of the neighboring teams, Force India and Caterham was crucial to avoid greater evils. They came with all they could and took extiontores all gasoline cans of 50 liters out of the reach of the flames to prevent a tragedy before firefighters arrived.

Moments later, firefighters went to extinguish the fire and evacuated the area. Finally, the balance was 16 wounded. A mechanic was taken to the Hospital Vall d'Hebron in Barcelona consideration burns and five others were evacuated for smoke inhalation. The other injured were treated on the same circuit and were discharged.


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