Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tipsarevic Federer overwhelms and seek their third title in Madrid

Roger Federer has overwhelmed the Serbian Janko Tipsarevic (2-6, 3-6) to seal his move to the finals of the Mutua Madrid Open, fourth Masters 1000 of the season, which will face Czech Tomas Berdych made his third Madrid title (2006 and 2009) which is also the last step of the Swiss in his quest for world number two.

Federer had no problems before a Tipsarevic who tried but could not cope with Basel, although the day before was the best player in the waste currently Djkovic Novak. Federer seems to be uncomfortable in the blue track of the Magic Box and is one victory to oust Rafa Nadal's number two in the ATP, in addition to equal the record of 20 Masters 1000 of Manacor.

Serbian tennis player began facing down, demonstrating that holds quality and also is one of those players able to move fast on the track, taking out his racket in any strange position. However, the Serbian defense not worried the Swiss. Federer looked the reverse of his opponent and finally came forward making the break in the fourth game (1-3).

The set stood face to a Roger Federer ready to make another final, the fifth in Madrid, possibly on the fast track. With the deployment usual Swiss Tipsarevic had no choice and could only add one more game than his rival ended up clinching the first set (2-6). Federer's hunger was stronger than the faith of Serbia, which had left everything on the blue track yesterday to fellow 'Nole'.

Then followed Federer Janko complicating life. The Serb ran from one side to another and the Swiss just wore out. The precise impact of Federer again given a 'break' tempranero who put their way downhill appointment with Berdych on Sunday. Already 2-4, Tipsarevic was recovered near the break but the Swiss was redone to not give anything away.

Thus, very safe with his serve, Federer arrived at 5-3 with her serve and all in favor to take a pass at one of the surprises of the tournament, the executioner in the quarterfinals of the world number one. Tipsarevic's magic ran out and could not with a player who wants to fatten his legend. This time there were no surprises and the 6-3 in the second act, Federer signed his ticket to the final on Sunday.


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