Thursday, November 3, 2011

Derek Fisher can not escape the charges of treason

The credibility and loyalty of the players union president of the NBA, Derek Fisher, have again and this time be questioned by the members of the executive committee of the organization he leads.

Fisher, who had to step out of the rumors of a possible meeting of the union remained behind with the NBA commissioner, David Stern, sending a letter to all members, was not enough and he had to answer direct questions to address to clarify the controversy.

Several sources close to the negotiations and the union indicated that within the organization that represents professional players want to make clear the issue and so far it is unknown if Fisher has been convinced by the explanations offered its own co-management .

The controversy arose when the website '' appeared a column last Friday in which he spoke of an alleged agreement he had negotiated with Stern Fisher behind the union.

The rejection of Fisher for this newspaper version through both his letter and the answers given to the executive committee members shall not prevent the gathering in New York to discuss the next step will give the lock conflict that lasts four months.

The union executive director Billy Hunter also sent another letter to all members after Fisher that he should make to defend in that both are in the "same page" and also explain to players why not accept the offer of 50-50 in the revenue sharing provided by the owners.


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