Friday, November 4, 2011

That would be 72 games NBA

As often happens in all walks of life, the dignity, honor and common causes become when it affects the individual interests of each pocket.

As reported in the ESPN group of players, unhappy with the latest actions of their union, gathered outside the control of the Players Association.

The U.S. chain says up to 50 players (many of them 'All Stars') advised at all times by an attorney, held a conference call to discuss future action in the event of failure to reach an immediate agreement to unlock the' lockout '.

In its online edition the 'New York Times published this group of dissatisfied players, including as 'Yahoo' would find Blake Griffin, Jason Kidd, Tyson Chandler and Al Horford, are considering the players' union dissolution if not has already reached an agreement this weekend on the resumption of negotiations .

The option of dissolving the union to promote a new negotiating framework set out in the summer and some of the major players in the NBA, those known as the 'Big 7', such as Arn Tellem, Bill Duffy, Leon Rose, Dan Fegan, Jeff Schwartz, Mark Bartelsteiny Henry Thomas.

It seems that public criticism of 'Big Baby' Davis and Jerry Stackhouse were only the tip of the iceberg of tensions between the players in the NBA.

On Saturday there will be another meeting between NBA and players' representatives to try to break a 'lockout' that has lasted over 125 days. With the pressures of the players Derek Fisher (who have even accused of treason) and Billy Hunter are between a rock and a hard to reach an agreement as soon as possible.

You said 'Big Baby' Davis: "We accept 51% of BRI and start playing" .

It seems that Billy Hunter harangue announcing unit and calling his people to the barricades against the employer not yet fully understood among the players.


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