Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pasta and rice at 9.00 in the morning!

As reported by MARK, Real Madrid players Valdebebas arrived at 9.30 am. A pre-concentration training in order to get the body acclimated to the game tomorrow noon. Mourinho was the first to arrive and made clear the guidelines in the previous match against Osasuna. They did exactly what will tomorrow.

This Saturday will repeat the move for the body to continue acclimating to the new schedule. And is that the goal of Mourinho is that the biorhythms of the players are the same at noon, for example, at eight o'clock. Therefore, one of the novelties will be at breakfast ... that will be a meal.

The white players eat at nine o'clock like both. Pasta, rice, chicken and grilled fish is the menu with which the players of Real Madrid will start the day. Mourinho does not want to leave anything to chance and plan the party around midnight, almost as if it were night.

In training yesterday, the Portuguese did not organize a match due to fitness of the players. The staff is very tired and Mou decided to divide the group for much of the session. On the one hand the most common and, on the other, those who have enjoyed fewer opportunities.

Real Madrid players are excited about Sunday's game against Osasuna. He draws attention to change the night for the morning session and are delighted with the way that Mourinho is preparing the meeting. Luso coach has managed to plug up the entire workforce, not the match against Osasuna faces like everyone else. Mou has made this match is one of the most special of the season.

"The coach is a phenomenon, it has everything under control," they said in the locker room just to know the plans I have for this coach match against Osasuna. The atmosphere at the Bernabeu live is not a single-input, has also served as a motivator for white staff.

The Madrid players had to get up early to Valdebebas on time. The training began at 12, but they quoted Mou 9.30. Madrid jams almost led to some delays between players and the coaching staff.


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