Saturday, November 5, 2011

Guardiola: "It is impossible to antagonize Villa"

Pep Guardiola appeared before the media at a press conference before the game against Barca in Bilbao Atheltic Bielsa (Sunday 20 pm in C +, Radio and MARK) . Barca coach gave his views on the controversial relationship of Villa and Messi and Ibra exit the club. In addition, Pep praised and Athletic Bielsa said the injuries the team, acknowledged the problems of people for the Cup match, he said that has not yet made ​​a decision on his future at Barca bench, spoke of a possible face to face Pep-Mou as in politics and commanded spirits to Cassano.

"It is impossible to quarrel with David. It's too good people, too generous. I know you are well. We hope that the inconvenience of brutal effort that has made ​​it happen. Leo was already clear , "he said about the rumors of bad relationship between David Villa and Leo Messi . "It has always been very good atmosphere in the locker room. Among them behave dramatically. It is true that this year also to get along, there are many who are friends, even though it is normal that they do not play are more troublesome, like any club, "said Pep Guardiola. "Memory is short but we have four years with situations like this costume-desastibilizadoras campaigns. So far there have been conflicts of this kind. Not always, but occasionally, things like this come-relationship Villa-Messi- but not now, as usual, "said Pep.

On the issue of out of Ibrahimovic Barca Guardiola refused to do many clarification. "The publishers take books when it suits. I have to say I do not want to make this a personal matter. In the locker room behaved excellently. It helped us win the league and reach the semifinals of Champions. We helped and we should thank their way. I wish I did not think so, but nothing happens. I wish him well. I know it very well in Milan and there is more to say, "said Pep on the statements of former Barca player, Zlatan Ibrahimovic .

About Bielsa , next opponent on the bench for San Mamés, Guardiola was clear: "I agreed with Bielsa once in my life. I can not say that we are friends. I would appreciate if I receive at home when I had no team. We talked about football. Influences? Cruyff and Rexach may have had more influence on me . I have only admiration for him, for being so authentic, so bold to play. It is a great opportunity for me to face him. It was a pleasure to prepare a game against him and think what to do to win. I have really wanted to shake his hand and see. But again, I have met only once with him in my life. " "Bielsa is different from all the coaches in the world. I saw a ball to defend Llorente Muniain up and down forty times.'s Different. And in such a short time and is his Athletic, a team of Bielsa. Has achieved things that players and now they did not, "said Pep on the work of Argentine Bilbao. "San Mamés San Mamés always, is a special field, different. There are many differences between Caparros and Bielsa, are similar in that they are intense and aggressive, but always if you see a team of Bielsa and see what you know but do not know who will runs, has some very special characteristics.'s see who is stronger, "he added.

"The decision to not give interviews , it is my decision, not influenced Bielsa. I wish I had been a player or coach him, to catch its influence, but one day I can not say that I have influenced both. After the Super Cup to Madrid, I knew it was best that players do not focus on talk and sports. I apologize to you, the journalists, because it influences their work, "admitted the coach of Barcelona.

Guardiola does not trust the Athletic : "As we are higher than most of us will win balls. The only way to win in San Mamés is to be braver than them, which is already difficult." "I give importance to all parties at all. We are extremely fortunate to play such games. San Mamés any corner and seems to lack or goal made, a team that does not let you breathe, we will be well to beat them "Pep said, he expects a" fantastic game and very entertaining ":" They are very aggressive, tighten up, no pause or break, a dynamic non-stop. "

When asked about Muniain , Pep noted that it is "an incredibly good player and strong." "I knew I had this strength and it does, can play inside or end," he said about the player's Athletic.

In the chapter on injuries, the Barca coach spoke of Alexis Sanchez : "Alexis has returned. We need a little normal lung, leg is fine, lively. The danger of these injuries are the next two weeks, which does not fall . celebrate its return, has much self-esteem. I decide whether to play for a while, start. We'll see. " As Keita and Abidal , Pep was optimistic: "We are looking to see if they can be with the Cup Hospitalet, try to stay, yes."

"At the beginning of the season, coming from where we came from, not sure how to respond. But we are where we would be having already won two titles with strong rivals Real Madrid and Porto. Now the important thing is that we qualified for the Champions in February and League is another computer, the Levant , who has done a little better than us and are now trying to catch him, "warned Pep.

Over the 25 years of Ferguson at Manchester United, Pep wanted to congratulate the coach: "I congratulate Ferguson and removed his hat. I would have the power to reestablish always the team, competitive people."

In terms of continuity on the bench for Barcelona , Guardiola said he has not taken any decision: "People come to the field to see how your team plays. When taking the decision, I have not taken, the President will know" .

Pep Guardiola, which coincided with Antonio Cassano in Rome, sent a message to player of Milan for their health problems : "It seems the problem is cardiovascular finally. I'm glad I got scared." "I do not eat much and not fattening so you can be in good condition," he joked Pep.

Barça coach was also asked by the words of Rubalcaba MARK TV in saying that "a debate-Guardiola Mourinho would be more than one-Rajoy Rubalcaba" . Pep opened the door to a future face to face with Jose Mourinho: "It would make more and I Mou audience among the politicians. They come every day and more used. If we sit down Mourinho and I, someone will listen. Do not know if one day we will. Who knows, when we retired. "

Looking to match Cup , Guardiola admitted that they are "little people" for the game against Hospitalet but said he did not ask you to convene the Rojita not one of their players (they are called Martin Montoya, Marc Bartra, Marc Muniesa, Thiago Alcántara flat): "Never ask the under-21 coach who has to call and whom not. You can call whomever they want in this house. We should be well treated and cared for. "


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