Friday, November 4, 2011

The 'grasshopper effect' that has divided NBA players and could unlock the 'lockout'

It is time to cash the checks for NBA players, but the league's lockout and has closed the tap and that has caused a major rift between them when negotiating their new collective agreement.

From the point of view of the family economy one would think that these professionals, many of them millionaires, they should have some savings to cope with a certain calm their 'war' with owners, but nothing is further from the truth.

As stated in the dissenting Jerry Stackouse "many players live day by day." More worrying is the analysis made ​​Corey Crowder, former NBA and former Barca in ' ' said "60% of NBA players bankrupt 5 years old after his retirement as a professional" .

To get an idea of what it means for NBA players not charge while the competition is suspended just have to see the ones that have lost so far this lockout: Kobe Bryant (he charges $ 307,317 per game, so that their losses amounting to 4.6 million) , Rashard Lewis (4 million) , Tim Duncan (3.8 million) , Kevin Garnett (3.8 million) and Gilbert Arenas (3.5 million) .

The accounts have their shivering has forced some to emigrate in order to maintain their pace of life, although there are more radical cases.

Andy Rautins (Knicks player this year should be charging 1.3 million) has had to go to live with their parents, Delonte West (Celtics) has been to work in a furniture factory and Donte Greene ( Kings) had to stay in his mother's house .

A curious fact of 'lockout' are houses for sale have important NBA players Jermaine O'Neal (3.5 million requested) or Baron Davis (2.9 million) .

In the 'lockout' of 1998 many players have passed serious financial problems, but neither that history has allowed NBA players face up in peace and unity the first few days without receiving their checks.

Jim McIlvane already said in the previous lockout: "There are some that are not very smart with their money."

All indications are that the councils, many of them ridiculous, the 'Survival Guide the player during the lockout' , have not curdled.

As in 1998 not all NBA players have been so ants as they should, and the 'grasshopper effect' has led to a major internal split.


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