Saturday, November 5, 2011

A quarter century with Ferguson

The first week of November 1986 arrived at Manchester United by a man with 45 years replacing Ron Atkinson. His name was Alexander Chapman Ferguson and reached the English club as a person linked to the world of football as a player did not win but I was beginning to emerge as a coach. His tenure in the East Stirlingshire and St. Mirren in Scotland opened the doors of Aberdeen. It was with 'The Dons' when he began to carve out a bright future after winning three league Scottish Cup Winners Cup and the famous to the Real Madrid.

From there to a big Premiership as Manchester United. In 1986 was a difficult ballot to return the equipment to where it deserved to be. His beginnings were quite complicated, the results failed at various times of the season and the English club to remove the technician raised born in Glasgow. Eventually the United decided not to run what had hanging over his head and that position could not be more positive.

The titles began to land in the windows of Old Trafford and Alex Ferguson was regarded as one of the best technicians in the moment. It is the coach who has won more domestic titles with the same team and is the most awards of 'Best Coach of the Year' has to his credit. In 1999 his name added to the cataloging of 'Sir' after Queen Elizabeth II awarded him the title of Commander of the British Empire. 12 Premier League, two Champions, one UEFA Cup, one European Super Cup, one Intercontinental, a five Mundialito clubs and FA Cup for efficacy in front of Manchester United.

Ferguson knows that this date is more than special and has not hesitated to affirm that "has been really fantastic. You never think that this can happen. Durar so much like a fairy tale."

What they said Ferguson
Arsène Wenger (Arsenal): "The coaches should try to imitate Ferguson. It's amazing his constant motivation." (November 4, 2006)

Pep Guardiola (Barcelona coach): "I can not be compared to Ferguson. He is number one. I have a lot to have its prestige." (July 26, 2011)

Bobby Charlton (Manchester United legend): "Ferguson is the best coach ever. It is impossible to find another like him.'s a genius. It has the merit of young players up to the first team and give them a chance." (October 5, 2011)

Paul Scholes (ex Manchester United): "It's the best. instills a calming influence on the team. There is no best coach you can have the Manchester United". (May 6, 2011)

Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid): "Sir Alex Ferguson is like my second father. I feel the same affection for him who feels a child by a parent. His words make me a better person." (May 24, 2009)

Piqué (Barcelona player): "When I told him I wanted to leave Manchester United because the club was interested in me, told me she wanted me to stay at the club. He sent me a letter saying it was hard to let me go. I said they had a future. " (September 6, 2010).


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