Saturday, November 5, 2011

Joaquin: "If the 'Gordo' will call me whatever it takes"

Joaquin Sanchez (El Puerto de Santa María, 1981) returns to his home. Not for the first time he returns with another shirt to Villamarín than the green and white, but his presence is always special. It is the last great idol of diabetics. A myth. Announces his desire to remain connected to Betis once he retires. You will always have its place in Heliopolis.

Question. We needed a win like Espanyol ...
Response. It is clear that when the team wins after three consecutive defeats morality is different and the changes you face. It faces the next game with another optimistic.

P. Why is costing both the team assimilate Pellegrini criteria?
R. I do not think we have problems with the system, but the good we all love football and this year half of the staff is new and needs your time and shoot. Football practice is not easy, which is a lot of association, many arrival, somehow wants to play brilliantly. It is a world and the team will go further, because we have great players on all lines.

P. Does not it seem strange Apoño goal celebration?
R. I went to celebrate and Jesus ... I do not know if anyone else came, but I do not care. Do not think it's weird because it was a minute of the game where the defense is folded and rarely go to celebrate. I swear my heart that I did not realize I went to celebrate and point. It's true it's nice to see a team that celebrates goals together, of course, is what has to happen, but do not draw blood. I think it's not the player who scores. Apoño is a goal that gives us three important points.

P. What environment believed to be found tomorrow?
R. It's a derby with many attractions, it will be a very nice game, because the matches between Real Betis and Malaga are beautiful. There they live in a special way. They are two of the earth with an extraordinary passion. The Betis fans are prepared very well. We'll find a nice environment and what we have to do is enjoy the moment to be a serious team and have stuck, because the team has taken seriously behind.

P. What explains the bad streak that runs through the Betis?
R. Football has these things. Betis started well and good run that helped him to take a points cushion that comes now phenomenal. It's weird, because it is a team that arrives, playing good football is an uncomfortable opponent. When you enter this dynamic, and I've been in these situations and even worse, everything goes in reverse. It's a downhill slope from which exit. In this type of runs, the sooner the better leave because you will shrinking.

P. Do you think the team Betis have saved?
R. Yeah man, sure. Betis has the capacity and staff not to be up, but in a quiet and not to suffer.

P. Do you still keep contact with people in costumes?
R. If you often talk to people. In my fifth there is almost no one, I am saying that Montiel (physiotherapist), with Calero (head doctor). Now the situation is not pleasant, but if we look back, the worse the past year. Are on the front and has much room for error to exit.

P. Do you think that Betis should resign in a way that style to be happy and go for something more conservative?
R. Mel, which has in the Betis, you know what is best for the team. I admire these people that when you have a team that, quote, not full of stars, is humble, and brings an offensive team that likes to play football. This game will give you more wins than losses over time.

P. If marks the place?
R. I do not usually celebrate it, mostly because I've already marked a few (laughs) ... Betis, the poor would have marked a few and I'm good. Not held by many things, my past, because I feel Betis and I have much respect for that hobby. The welcome here is always great. Note that there Copa scored two goals and went applauded, with how difficult it is. It's a great respect for the years I lived there. Special Live sensations. I grew up there.

P. Do you expect to finish his career at Betis?
R. It's hard to think back, but in the future, of course I love it. I have always said I would love to retire in that field, because so sorry. But now it's hard because I'm in a very nice new project, I have come to Malaga and I'm happy.

P. Once I retire would like to remain connected to the Betis?
R. Once I remove the idea is to stay there than it is (laughs). I with the Fat (Rafael Gordillo) I have a very good relationship and I want a lot because he's a guy who I have known him as a person and worth as Betis know what it is. Since he entered the little thing has been better. He is a person to admire, so if we do call me Gordo whatever it takes (laughter) ... So you've done and what it means, Gordillo would be president. There is a guy with more charisma and more important than him. I would like to remain connected.

P. How have you lived all this time of change in the distance?
R. I guessed that sooner or later going to happen (the output of Lopera), but from the outside makes you different. I have maintained contact and knew what was going on. I've lived it all with one thing in your stomach wondering where it went out, fortunately has passed and Betis are enjoying.


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