Saturday, November 5, 2011

'Shaq' sues former employee for selling their private mail

Retirement is still anything but quiet for Shaquille O'Neal. The former Dominating the NBA during the late 90's and early new century announced during the summer, but since then has not stopped a second. He started his studies to become a film director , has applied for a position as assistant 'sheriff' , has begun the road to preside over an NBA franchise and has even had time to flay his former teammates in his autobiography. But what until now had not done is go to court.

Shaquille has sued a former employee in a Miami court for alleged illegal sale of personal emails of former Celtics, Lakers, Suns and Magic, among others. 'The Big Aristotle' has filed a complaint against Shawn Darling, responsible for his personal website, on to sell confidential information that could have damaged the image and reputation of the former power forward.

According to the lawsuit filed by Shaq, Darling, who was in charge of the player's personal website, selling personal data and e-mails to other websites. It is not the first time O'Neal and Darling are the faces in court. Previously the computer had sued the player for alleged hacking.


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