Thursday, November 3, 2011

Piqué was on the verge of joining Juventus

The father of Gerard Pique , Joan Piqué, confessed Wednesday to the microphones 'RAC 1' that his son was "one step" of joining Juventus before joining again in Barcelona in the summer of 2008, after passing through the Manchester United.

"We were very close to Juventus, but return to Barca was always our priority, at any price," said the father, who had his first novel, entitled "Dues cares' (both sides).

Joan Piqué also had occasion to refer to the private life of his son and spoke of the pressure they are subjected Gerard by his relationship with Shakira. "She is amazing as a person and as an artist goes without saying," he said, before acknowledging that gives you more afraid of the gossip that sport. "Half of what is published is a lie and the other half too," he says.


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