Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bubba Smith died of a drug intake

The former player and former actor Bubba Smith died of an acute drug intoxication, according to a report released coroner's office in Los Angeles County.

The body of former player, 66 years old, was found dead on Aug. 3 at his home in Baldwin Hills.

The report, released by the coroner's spokesman Ed Winter, through a press release indicates that the former defensive end in his system had high levels of drugs to lose weight.

In the same statement indicated that he had a heart disease, which had a size larger than normal, and 75 percent of blocked blood vessels.

Smith was the first pick in the 1967 lottery college after graduating from Michigan State, where he was the best player a year ago. His jersey number 95 was retired in 2006 from that university.

Defensive end played five seasons with the Baltimore Colts, with whom he played the Super Bowl in 1971 and then spent two seasons with the Oakland Raiders with the Houston Oilers.


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