Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tribute to Lastras in Isla Cristina

Thanks to the good offices of Santos Hernandez, former ONCE team rider, a good handful of cyclists and former professional cyclists will converge on Sunday in Isla Cristina (Huelva) to travel the 105 miles from the IX-Memorial Road Cycling José Cañavate.

Along with the 400 enrolled, take exit Pablo Lastras, who will be honored for his 14 seasons in the top flight, his victories in the three-stage in the Giro 2001, another in the 2003 Tour and three in the Tour Spain, two in 2002 and a year-and, above all, professionalism, willingness, expertise and friendliness.

Wrapped in a special day will be next to Paco Mancebo, a fixture of this test, Jesus Rosendo, Javier Estrada, Javier Ramirez Bee, Luis Angel Maté, Fran Pérez, Ricardo Mestre, Samuel Caldeira, Miguel Angel Candil, John Pedro Trujillo, Sergio Mantecón, Jose Antonio Camacho and Jesus Suarez Cuevas.


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