Thursday, November 3, 2011

The total fronto

There are few strikers as Christian . Dominates like no shot with the right, left, the air and the ball stopped. Has gone from 0 to 101 in just 800 days with Real Madrid. Is the total front. We compare with the best strikers in the history of Madrid.

Today Cristiano Ronaldo is able to overcome the records of the best strikers in the history of Madrid. From Di Stefano (304 goals in 392 games) Raul (323 goals in 740) through Puskas (238 goals in 262), Santillana (288 goals in 645), Ronaldo (104 goals in 177), Hugo Sánchez (208 goals in 281) , the numbers of Portuguese are destroying all records.

Starting with the current president of honor, Don Alfredo di Stefano , the great striker with Puskas Madrid at the time of the five consecutive European Cups. La Saeta Rubia is full of praise when speaking of the Portuguese in the frames page and no wonder. He looks like one of his possible successors, the most aspiring to match the numbers he got.

The figure of Hugo Sanchez
Another new story that happened to Real Madrid was Hugo Sanchez . Just beat Mexican Christian record goal of the season in the league Pasdar and now in the spotlight has five trophies Pichichi won 'handyman'. "If someone has to beat to be a player of his size," said Hugo Sanchez last season. And that is their big arrival and his first touch very reminiscent of how the area barreled rival Hugo's mane.

How could I not be on this list Santillana . The best test of history also knows Spanish football passing game praise the Christian: "You can check all possible ways. There are other players like Messi, who have better individual skills, but he goes over very well."

Moreover, this way of looking and start with the ball at his feet without any opponent can cope very reminiscent of Ronaldo Nazario. Maybe it was higher in those Brazilian short sprints, but goals from Cristiano facing from almost midfield against Valencia last term, for example, show the actual route of '7 '.

7 And he took over from a legend in business. Raul Gonzalez Blanco , even in the name Real Madrid, the Spanish noted for intelligence and that intelligence that made ​​him swing the balance in the final meters. Be the reference of attack, cunning, knowledge placed within the field or the fixation with the constant goal has led to the two rams to be decisive in the offensive play of his team, achieving significant figures scorer Cristiano Ronaldo exceed safe with the passage of time.

Pieces unstoppable
Cristiano handles like a charm the game pieces. It is responsible for launching the penalties and rarely titubuea front of the goalkeeper from the penalty spot. In addition, the fault lies not against these attackers. He has scored 12 since joining the Bernabeu in official matches. In short, a full front, an evolution of the great strikers who have gone through Chamartín.


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