Thursday, November 3, 2011

A judge does not give credence to the "loaded gun" and not intervene to fix the 'lockout' NBA

A federal judge refused to interfere into the messy business of 'lockout', which could give a new twist if the players' union filed a complaint in the belief that is contrary to antitrust laws.

The NBA wanted this federal judge, Paul Gardephe, decide whether this is so and that their response falls earlier that players may file an antitrust suit, as did the NFL during the recent strike in football.

However, as recorded by ESPN, Gardephe on Wednesday was reluctant to interfere in labor chaos in the NBA, although Jeffrey Mishkin, the NBA's lawyer described as "loaded gun" possible lawsuit, which was rejected by the judge to consider that these warnings are common in the negotiations.

"If they put the gun on the table, it is unclear who has bullets. The courts dismissed the threat of litigation in the context of negotiations of collective agreements," said Gardephe.

On the other hand, after several days of controversy over a possible fracture in the players' union , members of its executive committee will meet this week to plot their next move, and sources commented to 'ESPN' it would be this Thursday in New York.


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