Thursday, November 3, 2011

Visits to Austria has always been problematic

Athletic will play their pass to the next round in a country, Austria, where he has conflicting feelings. He has not conceded a single goal on Austrian soil in the two occasions when there has played, but has always had problems in these visits. The two, both in the capital, Vienna, resulted in highly contentious parties. On both occasions, the Lions have faced Austria.

In 2005 there was a huge mess because of a huge snowstorm that forced the postponement of a match played a week later and ended scoreless. Two years ago, well before the set is, the match ended with 0-3 victory for Atletico, but the memories will remain of him was that of the pitch invasion by the Viennese team's ultras.

Despite these dangerous precedents, the security forces have not seen fit to declare the game today as high risk, so estimates are supposed to not provide any type of incident, thankfully.

So, all interest must be focused on achieving a victory that certifies the classification of the lions, but if you lose, the situation would become worrying, as recognized today will be team captain Andoni Iraola. "It changes a lot the picture to win group to lose this partdio. If we win we win the tie and we golaverage. Let's try to make a good game and forget all these accounts and try to take points higher than the opponent."
The Usurbil also tried to play down the absences that could be as confident in those who take the responsibility to play today: "We are experiencing a rash of injuries, but everyone has had a mishap that has the maximum interest to recover well and fast. Get out those who leave will be a competitive team. The most important thing is the mentality we leave the field, "he said.

Nor put special emphasis on the possible cumulative fatigue succession of matches played recently: "We are prepared. We knew the schedule we have and hopefully we play as many games because it means we're doing things right. Although we do not play in Gijon our best game, the team is well physically. "


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