Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pau Gasol: "The players must remain united to NBA rumors and tricks"

The Catalan player Los Angeles Lakers, Pau Gasol, has ensured that NBA players should "stand together" and not fragmented to the "rumors and tricks" on a gap in the players' union in negotiations to overcome the lockout the NBA.

"There are many rumors and it is very difficult to know what is true or not. But none of that can go must fragment or divide our group. One of our mottos is to stay together and hold together, but these rumors do not help," he assured Gasol after attending a business conference in Barcelona Equestrian Circle brand internationalization.

Indeed, the president of the Players Association NBA teammate Derek Fisher on Lakers, has denied the rumors about a possible split in the union to negotiate separately the distribution of income.

"There are a lot of strategy, lots of trick and we must all be alert and aware of it," reiterated the power forward in Barcelona. "We must understand that what we are doing is what we all want to believe in the reason for the negotiations. Of course we all want to play, but we have to be patient."

Although, in its view, the consequences will become worse the more you lengthen the negotiation: "It is clear that the effect is negative in all respects and hopefully be finished soon," he said.

In this regard, Gasol recalled that the players are doing "everything possible to defend its position and its conditions, without asking or demanding anything." "All we are doing is advocating that we remove as little as possible, we are not asking for anything more," he qualified.

"It's a strange and unpleasant," Pau has recognized that in the last month has trained with his brother Marc, with Regal FC Barcelona, ​​but without involving joining the Catalan club, as have other stars in several European teams.

One possibility, the team play in their home, "it would be incidental to the fact that the season was canceled," he said, recalling that it has "valid contract and the clear and absolute desire to play in the NBA, the best league in the world, with the best players in the world and the best basketball in the world. "

That is why the recent European champion Lithuania was considered "difficult" re-match with his friend and Barca captain Juan Carlos Navarro.

"Cancelling the season would be an option, not 100%, but an option. My contract with the Lakers finished in 2014, and never know what will happen. Hopefully we ever play together in one place or another "said.

In the conversation, Gasol has explained that despite ten years ago was in a "comfortable situation and recognition in Barcelona," he decided to venture into the NBA to "grow and compete with the best."

"He knew he had special qualities that could be a special player and not only here but in the best worldwide. I never satisfied and always want more. Probably would not have been happier if I had stayed at Barca "Gasol admitted.

Therefore, it has encouraged domestic firms to imitate the Spanish athletes. "One of the keys to our success is to have no fear, no self-conscious. These complexes are hindering our growth," has ruled.


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