Saturday, November 5, 2011

The crisis is on neighborhoods

A week ago the deep crisis was athletic, but now who's depressed is Getafe. Colista and with a huge doubts about the possibilities of an instrument designed to be much higher. The Madrid derby comes crucial for the capital's two neighbors who want to make a 'gift' in the form of crisis to rival.

Who was going to say Atlético last week that the crash was coming against Getafe launched and morale through the roof. And is that just works. A normal game and a bright and red and white team is now again to fight for everything. The Coliseum game is presented as a good test for finding the real state of the team.

And all the joys that this season has been set were mattress on home soil. Out of Calderon: nothing. Neither have managed just one goal mark Manzano home in the league. Nevertheless, it seems to have appeared the antidote. And his name is Adrian. The entry in the young Spaniard has eleven course the big change I needed a team depressed. In the hands of Adrian The former Deportivo, who was said he had no goal, has four goals in two games and has been between the eyes eyebrow score against Getafe to find a hole in the red. The other major benefit of the appearance of Adrian is a Falcao who no longer lives alone and has already found a partner battles. The Colombian needed a partner to double up front and the technician has accepted your request Andalusian multiplying the area of computer options.

All indications are that Apple has left behind the rotations, but not surprisingly, make a change because of the match between the Europa League week against Udinese. He who loses insurance is the suspended Mario Suarez in the side entrance will have Paul Assuncao will be Gabi's companion in the central axis. Reyes, not yet recovered from his flu and Silvio, his ailing groin injury, will not be in shock.

Key moment Mallard
Meanwhile Getafe is facing a key moment in their season. Mallard's team has never been so low at this point in the season and another disappointment may be terrible for the future of Luis Garcia. However, a win against a big one is the best medicine out of the well and the motivation will be brutal.

Injuries forced the coach to make changes in Mallard his eleven type. Rubén Pérez, is low by contract (belonging to Atletico) and punishment, which could get into the double pivot holder Casquero teaming with Lacen seems fixed. You can start playing again is a Sarabia who has 'benefited' from the injury to Pedro Leon to play any of the two bands.


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