Friday, November 4, 2011

Calderon: "Signing players in the NBA is a double-edged sword"

Jose Manuel Calderon , base of the Spanish basketball and the Toronto Raptors, will not take any decision on his future employment until the end of the 'lockout' or, if not resolved, until 6 January. This was expressed in the microphones of Radio Basketball With B

"Now I'm training, maintaining the acquired in the Eurobasket. We must be ready when the lockout ends, which hopefully will be this Saturday. I have confidence that is resolved," said the player.

In an extensive interview, Calderón has looked back and analyzed his seasons in the Spanish league. "My rookie year in the CBA was in Alicante, just after rising from the Lucentum silver category. He was 18 years. Casadevall gave me the opportunity to compete. I have great memories of that time. I left good friends in Alicante ". "Then in Fuenlabrada, they called me for the first time to compete in the Spanish team. It was in the Indianapolis World in 2002. Quintana gave me confidence. It was a leap over. I played in Europe. Finally, in the Tau I three years with Dusko [Ivanovic] mature and finished there as a base, "he summarized.

The game director of Villanueva de la Serena believes that today, "the ACB is more equal than ever." "I like that. No one will no clue to walk, that is over and is very positive," he argued.

About the maneuver of some equipment from the old continent at the time of signing players from the NBA, 'bouillon' has insured with B Basketball Radio is "a double-edged sword." "You can go right now and there are examples. Three NBA, the first three MVP of the Euroleague ( Kirilenko , Batum and Farmar ). But what happens when I have to return to the U.S.? Still, for the ACB is fantastic have players like Rudy, Ibaka or Singler. We hear a lot more than basketball and that's positive for everyone. "

Also referred 'bouillon' the last and current upheaval in the Raptors. "Last year we lost in Toronto Turkoglu and Bosh. We knew it would be a difficult season and it was. The reconstructions are sometimes given in the franchise and needs to be addressed. Little by little, you will forge a better team."


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