Friday, November 4, 2011

Camacho: "In China, nobody talks about the schedule of the Madrid-Osasuna"

Jose Antonio Camacho, 'Camac' as it is called in China, has been on the radio microphones MARK from China where it is concentrated in its selection and thinking about the game in a week on Iraq, to ​​try to qualify for the next World Cup in 2014.

The former coach and former player sure to watch for the next Real Madrid-Osasuna from China, which will be held at 12 am on Sunday. This schedule, which are seven in the evening in this country, will benefit the fans who would follow from this country, but Camacho said that does not perceive much expectation. "Nobody talks about Madrid-Osasuna schedule," he said, adding later: "What if there will televise a game of ping pong or badminton, which are the major sports in China."

Camacho was Osasuna coach and player of Real Madrid, so cares for the two teams will meet on Sunday, but admits: "My heart will always be with Real Madrid."

The Cieza believes, however, you should not give up the game for the Reds: "The two times I've played with Osasuna have had chances to win and eventually lost to Real Madrid.'s Going to be a tough match, I'm sure will Mendilibar a lineup that Real Madrid will hurt for sure. " Furthermore, "Osasuna has nothing to lose and everything I can get will be positive."

Camacho has only good words for Mourinho and his work in the white club, "is putting together a template character and mentality, very competitive, hungry for success. Before there was a philosophy that was not right for Real Madrid, because we had to try to get better performance and dedicated to what you have to spend, which is important. Mourinho has done very well. "

Believes there is a clear superiority of Barcelona and Real Madrid over the other teams: "It will be a give and take between the two teams right now are indisputable." Remember that in his time as a player, this was different: "In Madrid when we played away from home could lose anywhere, but right now both Madrid and Barcelona is very difficult even to tie, before there was such superiority."

He would not get wet on whether Real Madrid can win this time the League or European Cup to the Catalans, but says: "You have to see how Barcelona in February or March, because he is now recovering and when players have to all fit, it is unstoppable. "

On the controversial Vicente del Bosque, who has not wanted to attend to collect the gold badge of Real Madrid coach Camacho defends, "Del Bosque deserves a thing apart, like the entire coaching staff of the Spanish team. He is a man special and as such, deserves better. "

About the Golden Ball, the owner Camacho is clear: "If this continues, I think Messi will win the Ballon d'Or again. Now, it is unquestionably a player, no one can answer your fitness and ability direct and indirect in football. "


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