Thursday, November 3, 2011

Serena Williams and the Panic Room

Do not tell anyone if we say that a player has been plagued by a past supporter of turns. Yes it would if we relate the scare was Serena Williams Halloween night, when one of these confused mereoradores with a vampire Anti-Doping Agency who visited to ask a sample of urine. The U.S. is locked in the panic room of his house and called police, who went to his mansion to solve the mess. Trick or treat?

Steffi Graf , Monica Seles , Anna Kournikova , Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams have been some of the celebrities from the world of bats that have been sunset with better or worse luck. The U.S. decided last May for Patenema Ouedraogo , a man of 40 who had long been lurking your home and the police caught trying to enter the residence to declare his love for tennis. The man, who ended up in jail in Palm Beach, was sentenced to Padar and accept $ 25,000 for a restraining order of 150 meters above the player.

The younger of the Williams sisters was ready to enjoy Halloween night when he noticed a man loitering in the vicinity of his home in Los Angeles, according to TMZ count. The cameras captured and Serena, thinking it was a stalker or a robber, he turned to close in the panic room , a sort of bunker with some celebrities at home to prevent thieves, should enter the enclosure to rob, steal your life also. From there, the U.S. called the police, who quickly come to your home. It was then that a man was feted by the authority and when questioned, replied that it was an employee of the World Anti house was going to surprise Serena to request a urine sample. At the end of the story was just a scare.


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