Saturday, November 5, 2011

A meeting to save the NBA full of tension

Players and NBA owners meet again to negotiate a collective agreement. After over 100 days of 'lockout', the result of the meeting is unpredictable. The main problem is the stagnation of the negotiations on the distribution of BRI . The players have given up 52.5%, but the owners are anchored by 50%.

The meeting will include names like Micky Arison (Miami), Michael Jordan (Owners of the Bobcats) and Paul Allen (Portland) along with frequent and Stern, Adam Silver and company. Players also have more members, among which Billups, Ratliff, E. Thomas. Evans and Chris Paul. In the negotiation is, again, the federal mediator George Cohen. After an unsuccessful attempt, the 'man of Obama's meetings back to try to make the agreement exists, although it is not going to get any easier.

Michael Jordan leads the owners 'small markets'. A total of 14 teams are not willing to give more than 50% to the players. A fair distribution of BRI seems unfair and want to win more than 50%. These franchise owners with less economic capacity could 'torpedo' talks. The presence in the room of the legendary 23's all a show of commitment to their cause.

In the last hours has been said that some players, including Kobe Bryant is as FoxSports, are in favor of accepting the division of 50-50, which could happen today. Others, like Rajon Rondo are completely contrary to the decline in their profits . The division in the union begins to take notice and begin to pose a solution . Paul Pierce is one of the players has started to promote this initiative and this weekend if no agreement could start proceedings on Monday. This threat may be real, or just an attempt to add pressure to the negotiations.


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