Friday, November 4, 2011

First Davis, now Stackhouse: the union of players fracture

At a key moment in the process of negotiation between players and owners, with rumors of clear disagreements between Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher , it only remained for two guys who have not been characterized by its special intelligence is manifest in the way they have in the last 24 hours.

On the day yesterday, the pivot of the Celtics, Glen Davis (yes, the one that Kevin Garnett did mourn as a baby in a game) is not a hair cut, getting players to accept the allocation of 51% -49 % in the profits generated by the league and start playing.

If anyone take seriously his statements, his message on Twitter would have been a torpedo full waterline which is rumored so interested, may be a key day for the Players Association, that this Thursday is reunited. The "remain united" now looks like a slogan decades ago, when it's actually a few weeks ago.

If surprising was the statement of Davis (ay when KG catch you again!), What of Jerry Stackhouse on ESPN Radio on Wednesday night was not wasted. Former Tar Heels swingman, with 16 years experience in the NBA and went blank all of last season, Derek Fisher accused of not being a good representative of the players, a few hours of what is supposed to be a key event in the evolution of the 'lockout'.

Stackhouse, one of those called to be the successor to Michael Jordan to come from the same alma mater that "His Airness" has had several outbursts throughout his long career (to me, inexplicably long). I remember one of the best in the hours before his first game against Jordan, playing as a rookie for the 76ers, saying he was ready to defend the best player ever. Humiliating 48 points later, coach John Lucas he was copying an entire afternoon with chalk on a blackboard "not violate the second commandment" ... It was the first dreamer who tried, nor the last, that's the truth. Stackhouse swallowed his words and was in very bad place, but in his defense it must be said that, at least, did not end in tears.

Some pearls of former NBA player half, " David Stern has created this league. It is one of the best sports commissioners. " "...( Stern) knows how to play with the media takes things at the top to get what he wants. "" The players are more emotional, more nervous we get. So no, I do not need that neither Derek Fisher nor anyone executive committee to negotiate a contract in my name. " "I want to be an agent who negotiates on my behalf, not Fisher. If he is not traded contracts (it has an agent), why will negotiate the mine?". And it finishes with "I do not know if it has met with the NBA. I hope not. Derek is the kind of guy who seems to be but on the other hand, has aspirations to be General Manager one day. If the person manages to be a the parties in any way may have an opportunity to be named General Manager. I'm not saying their motive, but there is that possibility. "

Strong statements of Stackhouse took a couple of conclusions. On the one hand, if the feelings of the players is similar to Fisher , the basis of the Lakers can look like the bad guy, no matter what I do. And secondly, Stackhouse seeks to prolong his career in the best league in the world or otherwise, would not understand the implication and that forceful in their statements.

We'll have to wait for the afternoon / evening of Thursday to learn more details of a meeting that occurs as interesting as the Euroleague for the day. For now, that's the best basketball game that can be seen worldwide.


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