Saturday, November 5, 2011

Adrian Sensation

Adrian is so shy off the field as bold, daring and imaginative in it. Atletico, which runs through his best form since that is professional, has chained two consecutive collisions with individual-doubles, no doubt is happy to acknowledge that what you are getting at the individual level, but above all, collective level. "Goals give me confidence and I am very happy to have won four in the last two games, but the important thing is that the team win," he said without giving more importance to their performance.

His companions, however, are delighted to have him on the team and throw flowers without blushing. Luis Filipe, one of his accomplices in the dressing room, agreed Depor insists that "it is too good person" and that sometimes it should be a "little more selfish."

Diego, its main partner on Thursday, speaks of him with a twinkle in his eye. "Adri is a spectacular front. It's a phenomenal player, able to score goals and assists."

And that 7 Atletico is starting to become noisy and the feeling of the team. He needed only two consecutive games to uncover the jar full of scents that began to fill in Teverga, a small town in the mountains of Asturias, where since I was a kid was training to succeed in the fields of First.

There he began to work the aim that some have questioned. A flying balls to force a window pointing to the family bar, Adrian won more than a fight and broke more than a couple of shoe boxes: he loved to play with homespun.

Adrian, therefore, is making it clear that suffers no aim, but that is an excellent assistant and sees the game with ease. Proof of this is the gift that he did to Diego to Udinese or two goals that put him on a platter to Reyes in the first game played with the official red and white.

And if the aim of shooting at a small window worked, assists rehearses the town square when surrounded by a team of girls to play against your friends ... and win. They have only had to wait in the area that know him well Chicory-Teverga friends, he managed to race in all and give the ball to score.

Now, seated at Atletico and pointing to the squad, some of those who worked with him in the past also full of praise. Such is the case of Miguel Angel Lotina technician which coincided with Deportivo, which claims to be a weakness: "Adrian is the White Ronaldo 'coach yesterday repeated on Radio BRAND.

Manzano, his current coach, is not far behind: "It's a great player, very generous and hardworking. I'm happy for how things are going and I predict a great future."


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