Friday, November 4, 2011

Fisher acknowledges differences and send a message to dissidents: "Not a bad deal"

Several authoritative voices in the union of NBA players have come out against the rumors of fracture and have vindicated the unity of the group ahead of the negotiations to try the 'lockout', which will resume this Saturday , against which President players, Derek Fisher, reiterated that they do not think "getting a bad deal just to save the season."

Several U.S. media have echoed an alleged split in the union caused by a group of 50 players, angry at the concessions in the negotiations, would have contacted a lawyer to check the possibility of dissolving the union . For such a rupture were to occur, 30 percent would sign a petition to then be ratified by a majority vote.

However, several union members have been quick to refute this point after a three-hour internal meeting held last night. "We have no problem, that's the reality," said the executive director, Billy Hunter.

Keyon Dooling (Bucks) said "the battle is not within the union." "Derek Fisher is the best president that has had our union. Will continue to support as committee members. I am the vice president and support," he added.

Fisher himself recognized the difference of views, but defended the unit: "Our guys still want to negotiate a fair deal, they gave us that power and support. Obviously, there are members who want to play again. Everyone wants to play, but we know of the problems that create a bad deal. This new agreement condition for all the circumstances of the players in the NBA. We can not get a bad deal just to save the season. "

This Saturday will resume negotiations between teams and players to try the 'lockout', which began last July 1 and has caused the suspension of a month of regular season.

The two sides held three meetings last week, but the process to stall again when elucidating the distribution of income, focal point of a discussion that continues to generate millions in losses.


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