Friday, November 4, 2011

Cesc has game-day trial Cup

Cesc Fabregas should be in Bilbao the next day 9 am to half past nine. The reason is the demand court hearing that his former agent Joseba Diaz has filed against Barca player. Diaz claimed 5% of the income earned by Fabregas during his time at Arsenal because in that period do not charge his client before it changed to its current agent Darren Dein.

The problem is that this view coincides with the Cup showdown that should play against Barcelona Hospitalet. Cesc has no intention of going to Bilbao because it wants to exhaust all avenues to play that game. The option that his lawyers have suggested is to declare by videoconference and the judge at first willing to accept.

Villa wins the trial Tamargo

Something similar happened last season with David Villa. The Spaniard also was sued by his former agent and the view coincided with the league game that Barcelona played in Valencia. The striker took a private jet and could be first in the trial and later in the game.

Yesterday it emerged that the judge has dismissed the appeal that put Tamargo against Villa after taking a decision against it in the first instance.


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