Saturday, November 5, 2011

Alessandra wants to eat the 'Big Apple'

Staten Island. It sounds the anthem of the United States of America, as a prelude to an eternal theme that gives us the last track of where we are: 'New York, New York' by Frank Sinatra. 42 kilometers and 195 meters ahead on one of the most diverse routes on the planet. "A city that weekend lives for the marathon," says a beaming as we Alessandra Aguilar, before participating in the meeting.

"If you get the opportunity, you can not miss," said the innkeeper, after one of his hard training days prior to Marathon Big Apple ( 15:00 hours Sunday, Eurosport ). There, Alessandra run only with women and no hares, in top form after failing to finish the event in Daegu by stomach problems. Always with an eye that serves as a preparation for the London Games.

But Alessandra no limits: "It's a very tough race and last year's winner was 2:28:00, although it was zero degrees." The Galician and ran in Rotterdam last April, in a much more favorable marathon and male rabbits, in 2:27:00, nine seconds remaining to record in Spain. "However, I would have removed" , he says, for assert their disagreement with that, a rule for the first time retroactively, which has not happened with leaps, false starts and other rules of the athletic landscape.

After the record of Spain
's assault on the register will be postponed for after the Games, but new conditions for the approval of records make it harder. "If I find a female rabbit to pull me, there is not. The person who can pull me run the marathon," he says. But not close the door to the possibility of beat: "Who knows, maybe to make among the top 15 in London, which would be fine, I have to break the record of Spain."

The restaurant owner in New York seek to "endorse the Olympic minimum and be ahead in a tough race , came in force to the second part of the course. " Alessandra is confident that "do not give any kind run in 2:20" and clarifies, "Well it does give some which are not all behind."

He who will have to chase all over the city of Lugo is its coach, Antonio Serrano . Using the subway and his own legs, one of Spain's most successful technicians will try to give advice on some points from the end of the tour: "We study the subway map and see where to go," says Alessandra. "There can be seen only from 30" Serrano breaks after advising his pupil harbor. A woman who collects and experience as a few kilometers in search of Olympic delicacy. But first, awaits the forbidden fruit.


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